Gun Silencer is a sound suppressor intended to save the ear and hearing of the shooter. 
Gun Silencer Manual contains drawings and instruction to make 22 silencer, for following calibers 22 mag. Cal. 22 Hornet, cal. 222 Rem, cal. 6 mm PPC cal. 243 Win. Cal. 6 MM 7. MM, 308 rifles as well as larger caliber. Pistols cal. 25 ACP, cal. 32 cal. 9 mm, cal. 357 Mag, cal. 38 Special, cal. 40, cal. 44 Mag, cal. 45 to larger magnums. Perfect blueprint drawings system guidelines, and installation information. Of how to make a gun silencer suppressor for rifles, that works efficiently. Suppressor for smaller calibers is made of aluminium and is light weight. Silences completely, with cal. 22 long rifle ammunition. Steel is used for larger  calibers.
Complete Muzzle Flash Disguising. Simple and easy to build and set up on rifle or pistol. Excellent for Paint ball guns, and air soft rifles and air pistols. Easier to make, than you might think. It is convenient that you can have gun silencer handbook after you download and print out drawings, to have drawings on your workbench during construction and making of your gun silencer. Gun Silencer can be modified in diameter and length and in material sort, for individual needs and for larger calibers. Simple to dismantle, maintain and clean. Do your self a favor, safeguard your ear and hearing.

Warning! Utilization is only authorized in countries where the usage of gun silencers is legal. Copyright 2008, and Patent Pending USPTO, UK IPO, EPO and other patent offices.
All Privileges reserved.
After payment, Gun Silencer Manual E book is sent to your e-mail as soon as possible.

How to make a gun silencer.

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Shooting rifle with a Gun Silencer to demonstrate the efficiency 
of sound suppression to protect your hearing.
Rifle shooting videos from my rifle maintenance 
play list at You Tube.
World Record set in I.B.S Nationals 1988 Ohio USA. 
Smallest group in Heavy Bench Class at 200 yards, 10 shots in a 0.275 inch group.
World Record 1988 IBS Nationals Ohio USA.
Target of world record H.B. Class 10 shots 0.275 inch.
Fishing in Iceland Taking a Big Catch of Red Fish on a Freezing Trawler.
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