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Glass Bedding rifle increases accuracy of rifle. And can be named the foundation of a precise rifle. There are many things that need your attention. Top quality rifle barrel and cleaning of the rifle bore, stiffness and excellence of the bolt action mechanism, precision glass bedding of barreled action into stock, a quality and well fine-tuned trigger, good scope mounts, rifle scope of top quality, and hand loaded ammunition. And not the least, professional making of all parts, assembly of rifle, and glass bedding rifle. The most effective improvement a rifle shooter can do to improve his rifle accuracy is glass bedding the rifle, this means glass bedding the barreled action correctly in stock, with two part epoxy compound, like Bisonite, Devcon, Acraglas, Micro bed, Marine Tex, or other excellence two parts epoxy compounds. Which all rifle shooters can perform, given good rifle bedding instructions as outlined in the Rifle Bedding Book. I personally like to work with Bisonite, and have for over 40 years. Rifle no matter the accuracy level it delivers in un bedded state, will improve its accuracy and reliability and overall performance with epoxy glass bedding rifle, barreled action into stock bed. For rifles, the term for stock inletting is used to describe the overall process, which some define as, floating barrel, action bedding, or stock bedding.
Pillar method is a special process in rifle bedding. I have over 40 years experience in this bedding method. There is NONE better! I have one rifle I made myself, that broke a 20 year old world record in Heavy Bench Class 1988 at IBS Nationals in Ohio USA, which is pillar bedded, and still shooting the same! Rifles from manufacturers such as, Remington 700, Ruger, Winchester, Savage, Browning, Mossberg, Marlin, Howa, Harrington & Richardsson, Weatherby, Sako, Tikka, Mauser, Brno, Colt, Sig Sauer, Voere, Anchutz, Walther, Beretta, Taurus, Steyr, and all other bolt action rifle types, will benefit improved accuracy by glass bedding barreled action into stock bed, with pillar bedding method. Period!
Pillar bedding method increases accuracy, sometimes by up to 150 % in group size. For example a rifle shooting 1 to 1. 5 inches at 100 Meters/yards may give you 0. 500 to 0. 750 inch groups after bedding, and even better! Rifles that are performing better in un bedded state will increase accuracy, as an example from 0.500-.750 inch groups and go down to 0. 200 to 0. 350 inch, 5 shot groups. Think about the potentiality this will give you at extended ranges, lets say out to 500 yds/meters or further out? Dramatic significant difference in accuracy with glass bedding bolt action rifle. The Rifle Bedding Book is an Adobe PDF E-book, with clear, comprehensive and descriptive photographs and instructions and guidance, in how the average rifle shooters can professionally glass bed their rifles. Resulting in improved rifle accuracy and consistency. The only thing needed is a Glass Bedding Kit, few common tools, battery drilling machine, wood chisels and sandpaper etc. And good instructions which are in the Rifle Bedding Book. Easy to follow instructions step by step of a glas bed method that has been over 40 years in use. The most accurate rifles for Precision Bench Rest shooting competition, are glass bedded by this pillar bedding process. This rifle bedding, is used for varmint rifles, hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and target rifles. To you dedicated rifle shooter,"Only accurate target and hunting rifles are interesting, and worth owning and shooting". Do you agree? The rifle glass bedded in this Rifle Bedding book, is Remington 40X-BR from Remington Custom Shop. For illustration purposes. Same bedding instructions and process in work, is used for Remington 700, Rurger M77, and other bolt action hunting rifles, tactical rifles, varmint rifles with or without magazine, and bench rest rifles. 
Glass Bedding rifle, is simple to do, with the easy to follow instructions in the Rifle Bedding Book.
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Glass Bedding book.
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